Sunday, 30 January 2011

Fakir bed

Do you dare to lie on a bed of sharp nails?

Use the handle to raise the nails of the Fakir bed and touch their tips with your fingers. Lower the nails and lie down flat on the bed. Now lift the nails up once again. Keep your head on the pillow.

It is unlikely that you even felt the nails, much less their sharpness.

There are many nails in our bed, altogether 2,335 to be exact. The pressure exerted by the nails is distributed evenly over the entire body, thus ensuring that the pressure of any single nail is minimal. The pressure is approximately the same as that which is applied to the soles of your feet when you stand barefoot on an even platform. If, therefore, you are able to stand barefoot on the floor, you will have no problem lying on the Fakir bed either. You should also note that the soles of your feet have a much higher density of nerve cells that react to pressure than exist in your back. Thus, the feeling of pressure is less on your back.

The pressure that any single object exerts on the ground depends upon the weight of the object and the area of the part that touches the ground. Therefore, a person walking in high-heeled shoes could damage a floor much more than an elephant would. Despite the enormous weight of the elephant, the pressure exerted on the floor beneath the stiletto heel of a pump can actually be significantly greater than that of an elephant’s wide foot.


Cat Matikainen

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